Discovering Haskell Adhoc Polymorphism

Posted on March 14, 2021 | haskell hakyll blog setup pandoc

This blog is built with Hakyll. Hakyll uses Pandoc for markdown to html conversion. The blog breaks approximately once an year with a change to the underlying pandoc-types.

One of the past breaking changes was the conversion basic text data type from [Char] to Data.Text. The change broke some of the filters I used in the blog. One of the filters was a function to strip the initial / from any resources used in the blog. Hakyll uses URLs with slash at the beginning ‘/’ for local images/resources. I used this filter to fixup the link to images to relative links before converting them into Word document or PDF format.

I was looking for a way to modify the stripSlash function to support both [Char] and Data.Text data type. Thats how I discovered Haskells ad-hoc polymorphism. This required defining a typeclass and creating an instance of it for each data type I needed to support.

Here are a couple of links that helped me.


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